A qualitative operation on the liver of a 16-year-old patient in Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital announced its success in treating a patient suffering from obstructive jaundice and multiple cysts on the liver.
The treating physician at the hospital, specializing in gastrointestinal and liver surgery, Dr. Muayad al-Naqib, stated: “The 16-year-old patient had been suffering from obstructive jaundice for more than a month due to the presence of multiple water bags on the liver, and he was treated in three stages.” .
He added: "After the patient reviewed us and performed the necessary tests and the MRI study, it was found that there were cysts on the liver and that one of these cysts caused external pressure, with partial bursting of it on the bile duct and inside the liver, causing obstructive jaundice."
And he added, "The patient was referred to the medical team specialized in bile duct catheterization, to put a gateway for him in order to control the blockage, and the return of normal liver functions as a first stage."
He mentioned: "The treatment of hydrocysts was given as a second stage, according to the patient's weight, for a period of one and a half months, to stabilize his condition and qualify him for the final stage, which included the process of removing multiple water cysts and releasing the affected channel."
Pointing out that: "The patient, after performing his final surgery, using the endoscopic technique through very small openings, he received a full recovery."
Pointing out that the technologies available in the hospital's operating theaters and the capable medical and nursing team played a key role in the success of this operation.
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