An active participation of the Karbala service processions in serving the visitors of Arba'een.

It is customary in the revival of the Hussayni mourning ceremonies that the first ten days of Muharram are special to the people of Karbala, including processions, bodies and parties. As for the Ziyarat Arba'een, it is dedicated to the service and condolences processions from the governorates that come to the Karbala governorate, to participate in the condolences and service activities.
But this did not prevent the Karbalaian service processions to have the honor of serving the visitors, as (1489) service processions spread on all the roads leading to the holy shrines, were registered in the data of the Rituals, Processions and Husseini Bodies Department, providing their services side by side with the rest of processions from other governorates, as well as the opening of homes and hussainiyas to accommodate visitors and provide them with services.
Haj Riad Nehme al-Salman, head of the aforementioned department, explained to the al-Kafeel network, saying: “The people of Karbala and its processions have an honorable position, whether on this Ziyarat or in previous Ziyarat, but as a result of this Ziyarat’s exceptionalism and the health conditions surrounding it, the attendance and participation were at a broader level and with various services, as they rushed to get the honor of the Hussayni service, whether, youth and elderly, men and women, to serve the visitors of Imam al-Hussayn and his brother Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon them both), offering their services to the visitors amid expressions of welcome throughout the period of the Ziyarat. Also after the service processions left after the end of the Ziyarat, they continued to provide services to visitors from those who arrived late. "
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