Department of the Religious Affair of the El-Abbas holy shrine holds instructive lectures on performing pilgrimage

El-Abbas holy shrine
Seeking the most benefit possible, the Division of Religious Affairs in the El-Abbas holy shrine has held instructive and cultural lectures on performing pilgrimage. Shaeikh Selah El-Kerbalai' the head of the Division of Religious Affairs stated that the El-Abbas holy shrine had prioritized holding instructive and cultural lectures in order to have the pilgrimage processed easily.
Movable pulpits have been designated in the El-Abbas holy shrine and in the area between the holy shrines in order to answer questions of pilgrims when they would have any enquiries, at the same time, it was for promulgating the best ethics and means of performing pilgrimage according to the Islamic instructions such as the two genders being spread and scarf of women in order to preserve the holiness and spirituality of the holy shrine.
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