The al-Ameed International Center for Research and Studies concludes the activities of its Fifth International Scientific Conference.

On Saturday evening (6 Rabi al-Awal 1442 AH) corresponding to (October 24, 2020), the fifth edition of the al-Ameed International Scientific Conference was concluded.
The conference was held by the al-Ameed International Center for Research and Studies of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's Holy Shrine, via the virtual platform (zoom) and entitled (Teaching and Research Curricula ... Rooting, Analysis and Rehabilitation), in cooperation with the al-Ameed Scientific and Intellectual Society and the Universities of the Kafeel and the al-Ameed. And it lasted for three days.
During the course of the conference, four research sessions were organized, including a scientific workshop, in addition to three sessions in English, which were divided into the four conference themes: (educational and research curricula and their impact on character building - the axis of rooting - the axis of analysis - the axis of rehabilitation).
The closing session began with a recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, after which Professor Dr. Riyad Tariq Al-Amidi, Head of the al-Ameed International Center for Research and Studies, read the closing statement, which says:
At the conclusion of the al-Ameed Fifth International Scientific Conference, we cannot help but extend to all the participants, researchers and guests, thanks and appreciation for their scientific effort, asking the Almighty to grant them success. And we hope that these scientific conferences will continue in the service of science and the values ​​of the Islamic message.
The conference concluded with a set of recommendations that we hope that all will join hands to implement them and work on them. And these recommendations are according to priorities:
1- Benefiting from the Arab heritage in investigating, criticizing and analyzing Arab intellectual blogs, and rewriting history according to its curriculum.
2- Salvation from the authoritarianism of ideas by making use of the curricula.
3- Reviving the inherited curricula in a way that is compatible with the era language, especially those that have proven effective in the way of the observer, the analyst and the evaluator.
4- Sponsoring (developing methods of thinking, research and authorship) by allocating prizes for creators and innovators.
5- Addressing the higher authorities with competence to form a supreme committee to investigate the reality of educational curricula, monitor deficiencies and develop appropriate solutions to address them.
6- The conferees recommended that the title of the al-Ameed Sixth International Scientific Conference be: (Fields of knowledge in confronting non-objective media ... prevention and challenges).
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