Division of Service offers constant services for the pilgrims of the Fifteenth Night of Sha'ban month

The Division of Service of the El-Abbas holy shrine has performed its best in order to succeed the pilgrimage of the Fifteenth Night of Sha'ban Month when the occasion of the blessed birthday of the Awaited Imam El-Mehdi, (May Allah hasten his reappearance) is on.

Mr. Kheleel Mehdi Henun, the head of the division stated that all the preparations necessary had been taken in order to avoid any trouble might occur by establishing centers of missing people around the old town in Kerbala Province.

He also mentioned that sunshades and shoe rack cabinets had been spread around in order to provide pilgrims the best atmosphere possible, in addition to water and food supply during the days of the pilgrimage.

It's been mentioned that 600 volunteers had been assigned to certain important points to serve pilgrims, where small vehicles working 24 hours transporting pilgrims from a place to another.
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