Al-Waha Fodder Factory: Our high quality product reaches most governorates.

Al-Waha Fodder Factory has achieved great successes in the poultry sector, by coordinating the production energy plan with the marketing plan, as it opened marketing outlets in most of the governorates of Iraq to ensure that the product reaches poultry farmers, as well as helps to continue communication with the factory laboratories in case they need advice.
The director of the factory, Mr. Hamid Majeed, said: “The Al-Waha Fodder Factory relied on high-quality raw material in order to provide a certified product that possesses the health specifications for the aspect related to the poultry sector.”
He explained: "Due to the high quality product provided by the Waha Fodder Factory that competes with imported foreign products, in terms of the age of breeding and the desired weights, we gained the customer's confidence, which prompted poultry farmers to resort to our product and use these feeds, which today have become a source of great confidence and interest for the specialists." .
He affirmed: "What distinguishes the feed that we produce from others is the high quality and abundance of the product, which made it the most reliable in the central and southern regions, thanks to the accumulation of experience among the specialized cadres working for us, including veterinarians, agricultural engineers and technical operators."
He added: “The Al-Waha Poultry Feed Factory is also distinguished by its advanced production lines, global methods that have not witnessed the introduction of inferior materials and also avoiding impurities, and the used feed is constantly monitored according to the approved quality contexts. We also use the most efficient feed in the production of fodder that is defined at the world level, as it is imported according to official controls and also brought from inside Iraq, and they are subject to initial quality checks. "

Sales phone: (+964) 7809181581 / 7809182784
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