The International Qamar Prize for Islamic Heritage is postponed to next year.

The Department of Islamic and Human Sciences Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced that the annual International Qamar Prize for Islamic Heritage will be postponed until next year (2021), instead of the date set for this year, as a result of the spread and repercussions of the Corona pandemic. The date will be determined in a timely manner.
The Qamar Prize is an annual international award that raises the level of civilized awareness in the field of reviving Islamic heritage, and aims to:
1- Raising the level of investigation, authoring, indexing and translation of the heritage work, on the basis of accurate scientific methodology.
2- Encouraging individuals, institutions and scientific forums to take an interest in the Islamic heritage, and to ensure its dissemination in a creative way.
3- Honoring the bearers of heritage for their pioneering role in preserving the authentic Islamic identity.
4- Enriching the Islamic library with important works of the priceless Islamic heritage.
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