The birth anniversary of Imam as-Sadeq (peace be upon him).

On the seventeenth of Rabi` al-Awal, amidst the manifestations of joy and happiness and the celebration of the birth anniversary of the Messenger of God (may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family), his grandson, the sixth imam Aba Abdillah Ja'far son of Mohammad as-Sadeq al-Ameen (may God’s peace be upon him) was born in Madinah on Monday in the year 83 AH.

His name is Ja'far, and his nickname is Aba Abdillah, and among his nicknames: As-Saber, Al-Fadel, At-Taher, As-Sadeq, and the latter is the most famous.

His mother, the venerable and revered Lady Fatima, called (Umm Farwa) daughter of Al-Qasim son of Mohammad son of Aba Bakr. Imam As-Sadeq (peace be upon him) said: (My mother was someone who had faith, piety and [Ah'sanat] did well, for Allah certainly loves the good-doers.).

He was brought up in the arms of his father, Imam al-Baqer and his grandfather, Imam as-Sajjad (peace be upon them both). And his father (peace be upon him) died when he was 34 years, in the year 117 AH.

He (peace be upon him) has lived a difficult period at the time of the Umayyad transgressing rule, and faced different kinds of injustice and cunning, but it was the Abbasids in the person of Abu Ja'far Al-Mansur, who assassinated by poison Imam As-Sadeq (peace be upon him) in the twenty fifth of Shawwal of the year 148 AH.

Both the enemy and the friend would admit the merits of Imam as-Sadeq (peace be upon him). Scholars, jurists and all readers gathered around him, to learn from the nectar of his knowledge, literature and wisdom.

He (peace be upon him) said about his knowledge: "By Allah, I know the Book of God from its beginning to its end as if it is in my hand, in it is the news of heaven and the news of the earth, the news of what was, and the news of what is, Allah the Almighty said:{And we have revealed to you the Book as an explanation of all things}".

One of the manifestations of his broad knowledge was that he had four thousand students who learned a bit of his sea of ​​knowledge, who spread knowledge and culture in all Islamic civilizations and spread the landmarks of religion and the rulings of Sharia.

The Imam (peace be upon him) advised his student, Homran ibn Ayun, the following valuable advice: “O Homran! Look at the one who is less powerful than you and do not look at those who are higher than you. This will be better for you in what Allah has specified for you and will result in your request from Allah, the Almighty, to grant you more.

You should know that performing a few works with belief, is better than performing many works with no belief. It is necessary to know that devoutness is useful in avoiding the sins and leaving to hurt other Muslims and tattling about them. There are no lives more blessed than having good moral behaviours. There is no wealth better than being satisfied with few enough property and there is no ignorance worse than being proud.”

The great believer, Abdullah ibn Jundab, asked the successor of the Prophet (Allah’s prayers be upon him and upon his family), Imam as-Sadeq (peace be upon him), to do a favour and supply him with advices to remind him about Allah The Almighty and the Hereafter and to keep him away from the malice of the worldly life. Imam (peace be upon him) gave a positive answer to this request and sent his valuable advices, which is considered as one of the most striking advices of the Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them). Here is the text:

“O Abdullah! Satan settled his traps using pride and he does not aiming anyone other than out fellows, whose Hereafter is exalted in their eyes and would never like to have anything instead. Their hearts are full with light and world is similar to a boa snake or severe enemy for them. They would prefer to be with Allah and accept nothing other than that. They fear to be with luxurious people. They are verily from my fellows. Every problem is solved with them and every distress is overwhelmed thereby.

“O son of Jundab! Every Muslim who know us, should judge himself every day and night. Whenever they finds something good, they will try to increase it and whenever they find something bad, they will ask Allah’s forgiveness so as not to face the shame of the Resurrection Day. Blessed are those who are not envying guilty on what the own from the worldly profits and advantages.

“And blessed be those seeking the Hereafter and do their best in reaching it. Blessed are those not looking for the wrong desires and May Allah be mercy to those who are light and guide, being our propagandists with their deeds! Their doings are accepted and there are no one as those announcing our knowledge and news.

“O son of Jundab! The believers are those who are fearing Allah; they do not do what to be deprived from what they were guided for; when they mention Allah and his blessings, they will glorify and praise Him; whenever His signs are recited, their faith and devoutness increases, because of His demonstrating power. Therefore, they are always trusting in Allah.

“O son of Jundab! Ignorance is very aged and some people try to empower it, so as to take the religion of Allah as a toy, even if they pretend that they are getting closer to Allah. They are the same who are darkened.

“O son of Jundab! If our followers are steady, angels will shake their hands and clouds will spread their shadows for them; their days will be enlightened and the blessings will come from everywhere; and whenever they ask Allah to grant them something, He, the Almighty, will.

“O son of Jundab! Do not use with anyone of those wrongdoers from your fellows other than good; obey Allah in leading them and asking for their repentance; everyone who aimed us and followed us and do not aid our enemy and said what he knows and keeps silent for what he does not know, his destination will be paradise.

“O son of Jundab! The one who is relying on his deeds will be perished and the one, who rudely does his sins and is confident on Allah’s mercy, will never see the salvation.”

Ibn Jundab told the Imam (as): “Then, who will be saved?” He answered: “Those who are between begging and fear, just like the hearts, which are in the claws of an eagle; they are eager to rewards and fearing the punishment.

“O son of Jundab! Decrease your sleeping time during the night and your speech during the day, as the mother of Solomon (as) told Solomon (as): ‘My son! Beware towards sleeping, because this will make you poor at the time when people need their deeds.’”

“O son of Jundab! Satan is a hunter and is hunting, so be careful with his traps and tricks.”

Then ibn Jundab turned to the Imam (as) and told him: “What are his traps?” Imam (as) said: “Regarding his traps, one can be avoiding being kind to friends and regarding his tricks, one can be sleeping on the time of prayer, which was specified by Allah. However, Allah is not worshiped better than the time, in which one tries to be kind to his brothers and visiting them. Owe to those inattentive towards prayers, those who are sleeping in private and those who are scorning Allah during the time of the weakness of religion. Those have no chance in Hereafter and Allah will not speak with them on the Resurrection Day; He will not purify them and they will face a severe, forever punishment.

“O son of Jundab! One who stays thinking about something other than being away from the Hell, will make the concept of Allah, weaker inside himself and he will choose something else other than his Allah. Those, who are scorning his brothers and making them their enemies, will face the forever fire of Allah. One, who is envying a believer, his faith will be dissolved in his heart just like salt in water.

“O son of Jundab! The one, who is trying to solve the problem of his brother, is similar to the one who is performing the obligations of Hajj and the one, who is fulfilling his request, will be just like those sacrificing their blood in the battles of Badr and Uhud. Allah does not punish nations except when scorning the rights of their poor brothers.

“O son of Jundab! Call our fellow followers and tell them not to be busy with different sects. I swear by Allah that our kindness will not be due to anyone except with hard works and devoutness in the worldly life and with expressing sympathy with our brothers in creation. Those who are cruel will not be considered as our follower.

“O son of Jundab! Our followers are known with many merits such as generosity for brothers; our followers are not fighting just like the fight of dogs and they are not as greedy as rooks are; they are not living with our enemies; they are not expressing their request from our enemies even if they die from starvation; they are keeping precise the time of prayers and they are not drinking alcoholic beverages.”

Ibn Jundab was astonished with the speech of the Imam (as) and then he went on saying: “Allah bless you! Where can I find them?”

He said: “At the peak of mountains and around the cities. Whenever you enter a city ask for those who are not so close of people in the worldly life, they are believers, as Allah said: ‘Then there came running, from the farthest part of the City, a man’ (36:20).

“O son of Jundab! Try increasing your love to Allah. Keep the religion tight and follow the guidance so that your deeds are accepted. Allah said the following in this regard: ‘Unless those who believe and act good and then being guided.’ So, nothing is accepted other than the faith, and there is no faith without a confirming action; there is no action without belief, no belief without humility and they are all the factors of guidance. Therefore, one who is guided, his deeds will be accepted and will ascend to the Kingdom: ‘Allah guided whom He will to a path that is straight’ (2:213).

“O son of Jundab! If you’d like to be close to the Almighty and to stay in His Paradise near him, the worldly life will be unimportant for you. Always put death in front of your eyes. Do not store something for far future and know that what you have presented will be used as a reward and that losing any situation for doing any good is not beneficial for you.

“O son of Jundab! One who banned using what he earned, that will be transferred to others later; one who followed the command of his desires, he has followed his enemy; one, who trusts in Allah, will not be severely involved in the worldly and hereafter affairs; Allah will keep those who are away from him; one, who is unable to be patient on hard times, is weak; and for every blessings, there is a thank.

“Be patient for every problem regarding your children, wealth or tribulation; ask Allah not to punish you for every sin; and fear him in a way that does not make you disappointed from his mercy; do not be proud with the speech of an ignorant nor with his admirations, otherwise you’ll be proud and cruel.

“The best deeds are worshiping and humility. Do not waste your money and do not let your money to be irrationally that of your descendents. Be content with what Allah wants for you and do not look at that of others. Do not wish what you are not. One who is content is satisfied and one, who is not content, will never be satisfied.

“Take your share at the Hereafter and do not be luxurious in richness or restless and grieved in poorness. Do not be so angry that people hate being near you and do not be such impuissant and low that others scorn you. Do not mock at someone who is lower than you. Do not fight the government for kingdom and do not follow the fool. Do not be low under the power of anyone.

“Before starting to do anything, try figuring it out completely, otherwise you’ll be regretful. Put your heart close to refer to and assign your deed something to follow. Consider your desire as your enemy and as something borrowed to be returned. You are set as your physician and know what health is. Disease was shown to you and the medicine was too.

“Look at your future in the Hereafter. If you helped someone, do not abolish it by mentioning it many times, but instead try to repeat it again and better than before. This is nicer in your behaviour and more rewarding for your Hereafter. Try to be silent to be seen as tolerant and clever, never mind whether you are clever or not, because silence is admirable when you are with scholars and it is a cover when you are near those ignorant.

“O son of Jundab! Jesus, the son of the (Blessed) Virgin Mary, once told his companions: ‘What would you do if you see something bad from your friend? Do you try hiding it or you will see all the details?’ They said: ‘Of course, we will hide it.’ Then he said: ‘Never, you will not, you will try finding everything to the smallest details.’ They understood that there might be something that Jesus would like to emphasize. So, they said: ‘O Jesus! How can this be so?’ He answered: ‘You will discover everything and will not hide it. If you’d like me to tell you the truth, I would say: You will not reach what you like unless you leave what you desire and you will not get what you wish unless by being patient on what you dislike. Woe to you on looking!’

“Looking is the essence of growing the desire in heart and this will result in problems for its owner. Allah blessed the one whose sight is in his heart and the one who does not set his sight in his eyes. Do not watch the sins of people as if you are a god! Instead look at your own wrongdoings as a creature. People are either infected with a disease or healthy. Be merciful with those who are infected and thank Allah for being healthy.

“O son of Jundab! Visit the one who left you; give the one who deprived you; be kind to the one who was bad with you; express your regards to the one who cursed you; be fair with the one who is being enemy for you; forgive the one who was cruel for you as in the case that you yourself would like others to forgive you; take the forgiveness of Allah into consideration; cannot you see his sun shinning for all the good and bad and that his rain is raining for all those good and those wrongdoers.

“O son of Jundab! Do not look for the eyes of people to admire you! If you do so, you have already taken your reward! If you give something to someone with your left hand, do not let your right hand know this. The case that the one whom you are granting something secretly, will be publicly announced at a day that this knowledge does not affect your reward.

“Do not talk loudly; Allah already knows what you have as a secret and what you are not announcing even before you ask. Do not be fast alongside being cruel and do not be among those who are fasting for letting others know that they are fasting, not among those whose faces are dusted, their head are unordered, their mouths are dry in other to let people know that they are fasting.

“O son of Jundab! All the good is close to you and all the bad are close to you too. You will see neither good nor bad unless when Hereafter arrives, because Allah, the Almighty, assigned all the good in Paradise and all the bad in Hell, because they are staying there at that time. One, who was granted the guidance, and Allah gave him the faith, told him about his path, grant him a mind to know the blessings around, gave him the knowledge and wisdom to think and ponder about his religion and worldly affairs, should make it compulsory for himself to thank Allah and not to be a disbeliever.

“He should mention Allah and not forget Him. He should obey Him and do not disobey the commands of One, who was the first from the beginning and the One who granted him the sight to see with; One who gave him the speaking ability after he was created. He should thank Allah for His kindness, which does not ask His creatures more than their abilities and capabilities. He, the Almighty, should be thanked for all kinds of assistances that He gives on hard times.

“He, the Almighty, does not force his creature to have heavy duties, but he disobeys what He commanded. He would not stay obedient and an obstacle comes across between him and Allah, following his wishes, going deeply towards his desires, taking his worldly life more important than his hereafter, but nevertheless he wishes to be in Paradise.

“It is not reasonable for a sinful person to expect to be granted the level and the position of those exalted. Whenever the Resurrection Day arrives, the Almighty will judge and issue his judgment, when everyone knows his result. At that time, one can see who will be elevated and who will be regretful. Therefore, in your worldly life, live in a way that you expect to gain at Hereafter.

“O son of Jundab! Allah the Almighty and Majestic, said the following in one of the descended case: ‘I accept the prayers of those who are humble in front of my glory; those who are avoiding their desires for me; those who are mentioning me during the day; those who are not bowing to my creatures; those who are feeding the hungry, dressing the undressed and being kind to those infected and strangers. This one is shining just like the light of the sun. I will grant him the light when there is darkness, patience when there is ignorance. I will ensure his earning and guarantee his safety. When he calls me, I will response. When he requests something, I will give him. Such a creature is similar to Paradise, which is unique, its merits are not decreasing and its condition is not changed.’

“O son of Jundab! Islam is transparent and coyness is its cloth, dignity is its merit, its chivalry is good deeds, its pillar is devoutness.

“O son of Jundab! Allah the Almighty and Majestic, owns the light. When the Resurrection Day arrives, the followers of Allah will feel this light, because they were among those whom Allah supports and protects. They will get what their heart wishes and what their eyes desire while the enemies of Allah will face heavy punishments.

“They look at the enemies of Allah and say: ‘And they will say: ‘What has happened to us that we see not men whom we used to number among the bad ones?’’ (38:62). The followers of Allah look at them. Here is what Allah the Almighty and Majestic, said: ‘Did we treat them (as such) in ridicule, or have (our) eyes failed to perceive them?’ (38:63). He, the Almighty, also said: ‘But on this Day the Believers will laugh at the Unbelievers: On Thrones (of Dignity) they will command (a sight) (of all things)’ (83:34-35). There remains no one who is from the believers and Allah does not have him in Paradise.”
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