Within the stages of expanding project of the El-Abbas holy shrine

El-Abbas holy shrine continues installing the pieces of class of the inner surface of the El-Abbas holy shrine

installing pieces of glass
The architectural personnel of the El-Abbas holy shrine is still working on roofing the inner surface of the El-Abbas holy shrine in addition to some other decorations and mosaic.

The head of the Department of Architectural Projects of the El-Abbas holy shrine stated that 80% of the pieces of glass had been achieved in a mosaic way in the first stage of the whole project being carried out on the side of El-Alqemi Gate of the holy shrine (the west side of the holy shrine).

He also mentioned that the project included ceiling the inner surface of the domes with pieces of glass. He also mentioned that the type of the pieces of glass was Belgiumian and of high qualities, 2mm thick, fixed color resistant to weather conditions. Cutting the pieces of glass would be done according to CNC technology, in addition to a particular type of glow Dutch made had been chosen for sticking the pieces of glass after it had been tested.

Its been mentioned that the whole project carried out by Iraqi personnel. The pieces of the suspension ceiling where the mosaic pieces attached to are Islamic decorations and Muqarnas harmonized with each other, and corresponding architecturally.

The material used in this process is the Fiber Class Korean made which is light, strong, flexible, weather resistant, at the same time, it is not harmful for the environment. It is also characterized by being unbreakable and isolating heat and sound, resisting to pressure, fire and water leaking. It has been cut for designing according to the measures of the Malaysian Company (DK).

It’s been mentioned that the El-Abbsa holy shrine had assigned that project of expanding the El-Abbas holy shrine to El-Quds Constructional Company in order to achieve all the works such as pillars, roofing, water system and all the works in detail.

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