Al-Kafeel Hospital doctors succeed in treating a complex fracture in the pelvic bone.

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital announced that it had successfully treated a complex fracture in the pelvic bone of a patient with a complicated operation.

A specialist in orthopedic, fracture and joint surgery at the hospital, Dr. Ahmad Nimah Al-Taie, said: “Our medical team has succeeded in fixing a complex fracture in the pelvic bone for a patient suffering from a fracture in the back of the pelvic bone, with a dislocation of the anterior joint of the pelvis, in addition to the height of the left side of the pelvis (5 cm) due to external tension.

Al-Taie added: "The operation was carried out in three stages, the first stage in which a bony traction was performed on the lower left limb to gradually restore the dislocation from the pelvis, to reduce nerve and arterial injuries in the pelvis, and the second stage in which fixing the dislocated bone and dressing the fractured pubic bone were performed through an anterior opening."".

He explained: "The third stage included the fixing the fractured pelvic bone from the back, by making an incision in the back side of the sacrum and coccyx, and fixing it with plates and screws."

Al-Ta’i stated: “Such complex operations need doctors specializing in this type of injury, as they are carried out in multiple stages. Especially that the patient was undergoing a few days before the laparotomy operation, and its results appeared to be negative.”

He pointed out that: "The technologies and capabilities that Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital possesses have facilitated the conduct of this type of operation, as Iraqis used to resort to perform similar surgeries outside the country."
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