More than 12 million users of the "Haqeebat al-Mo'min" App.

More than 12 million users from different countries of the world has downloaded the “Haqeebat al-Mo'min” application of the Information and Network Technology Division in the Media Department of the al-Abbas's Holy Shrine, thanks to its features and content that made it at the forefront of Islamic applications in the world.

The supervisor and programmer of the application, Ali Al-Jayashi, explained to the al-Kafeel Network, saying: “The "Haqeebat al-Mo'min" application, which is one of the integrated Islamic applications, has been able to take the lead as a result of the studied plans and the approach it followed in marketing its content, which was able to meet the needs of the largest possible number of Muslims scattered in all parts of the world."

He added: "The idea of ​​the application, which was the first project in terms of applications for smartphones, came as we decided to make an integrated application that meets the needs of the believer in his devotional matters, such as prayer and recitation of the Holy Qur’an, supplications, alerts for the times of the call to prayer and other things, so it was programmed and designed with high professionalism. And since the launch of the application in (2014), the supervising team has worked to constantly update it in line with the development in this field, and the reviews of the users that has contributed to its development and advancement."

Al-Jayashi explained: “The application received the highest rating in the history of Islamic applications in the world, as it scored 4.8 out of five points, according to the evaluation of more than (325,000) users of the application. And the number of users of the application reached more than ten million users, and no other application in Iraq has ever reached this number. "

Pointing out that: “The application download statistics on all systems and stores that are on the rise day after day, were as follows:

Google Play: 10,223,409 users.

Huawei Store: 378,000 users.

Apple Store (iPhone): 1,424,131 users.

Grand total: 12,025,540 users. "

To download the application, click here
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