Noticeably achieving Elkafeel first complex project to house the employees of the El-Abbas holy shine

A view of the achievement

The first housing project is being achieved recently by the personnel of the Hiran and Kurdi Iraqi construction companies for general contracts in order to house the employees of the El-Abbas holy shrine, Mr. Dya' Mejeed El-Sa'igh, the head of the Architectural Project Department of the El-Abbas holy shrine stated.

He also mentioned that the work increasingly being achieved, and 20% of the whole project has been achieved in the first stage.

It has been mentioned that the purpose of achieving such a project is a sign of appreciation of the great efforts made by the employees of the El-Abbas holy shrine in serving the pilgrims of El-Abbas (peace be upon him).

It has also been mentioned that the project being built on 305000 square meters which is 829 houses, in addition to streets and other service facilities. It is located at the road between Nejaf and Kerbala Provinces.
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