The conclusion of the activities of the third International Al-Kafeel Museum conference.

This evening, Saturday (5 Rabi` Thani 1442 AH), corresponding to (November 21, 2020), the Third International al-Kafeel Museum conference that was held electronically via the (ZOOM) platform, under the slogan (Museums and Modern Technologies), by the Al-Kafeel Museum of Treasures and Manuscripts at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, with the participation of researchers from Iraqi universities: (Babylon, Kufa, Baghdad, Salah al-Din, Muthanna, Al-Mustansiriya, and Qadisiyah), and from Iraqi museums: (Al-Qishla Museum, the Iraqi Museum, the Natural Museum in Basra, the Egyptian Museum, and the Iraqi Antiquities and Heritage), was concluded.

The conclusion of the conference witnessed the reading of the recommendations presented by the head of the scientific committee of the conference, Dr. Ibrahim Sarhan Al-Shammari:

1- The conferees recommend to adopt the findings of the scientific research that participated in the conference; Because of its impact on developing the work of museums and preserving their exhibits.

2- The necessity of making use of the auxiliary sciences in preserving the national heritage. Scientific research found a number of scientific methods using laboratory equipment and chemical and organic materials in preserving artifacts and valuables and treating the damaged ones.

3- The necessity of keeping pace with the development taking place in the world, building bridges of cooperation with known foreign universities and archaeological museums there, and benefiting from their experiences in the field of scientific excavations and new methods by adopting sciences assisting in preserving antiquities; As it is today a Western science. We support the scientific cooperation and partnership between the College of Arts, University of Baghdad, and the German side, which resulted in the establishment of a joint center for exchanging experiences, developing the capabilities of researchers and postgraduate students, and conducting joint technologies.

4- The conferees recommend archeology colleges and departments in Iraqi universities to reconsider the curricula and update them in line with global developments, especially with regard to the subject of museums.

5- Inviting the colleges and departments of archeology in Iraqi universities to benefit from the technical capabilities of the Al-Kafeel Museum of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, to learn about the mechanisms and methods of displaying heritage holdings, and to direct graduate students to study those holdings and valuables owned by the Holy Shrine.

6- The attendees call for the continuation of this conference, and at the times set for it, or whatever the General Secretariat of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine deems appropriate. to maintain cognitive communication with all specialists in this field.
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