The Service Affairs Department is organizing a cleaning campaign for the main entrances to the Karbala governorate.

The cadres of the Service Affairs Department at the al-Abbas's (P) holy shrine launched a wide cleaning campaign of the main entrances and the external roads leading to the Karbala governorate, in order to show them in the most beautiful way and to support the efforts of the governorate's service cadres.
Regarding this campaign, the assistant head of the aforementioned department, Muhammad Harbi, explained to the Al-Kafeel Network: “The campaign is part of the wide campaigns that the cadres of the department carry out throughout the year. From early in the morning our staff started a massive cleaning campaign to remove waste from the entrances to Karbala, which started from the axis (Babylon - Karbala), and then the rest of the axes according to a plan developed by our department for this purpose."
He explained: "This cleaning campaign includes the streets, pavements and sidewalks, as well as the squares on both sides of the road. We have set a time limit for this campaign, which will be of a very broad scope, as we allocated a period of one week to ten days to clean each of the entrances: (Babylon - Karbala), (Najaf - Karbala) and (Baghdad - Karbala), with the participation of more than 25 staffs using a number of specialized vehicles."
He pointed out that: "The first phase of the campaign will include cleaning the entrance to (Babylon - Karbala), starting from Karbala University and extending to the Technical Institute. Work will continue in the form of stages to expand the campaign to include all roads leading to the holy Karbala."
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