Al-Kafeel products at the Sixth Basra International Shopping Festival.

Noor Al-Kafeel Company for Food and Animal Products participated in the Sixth Basra International Shopping Festival, which started in the middle of this week under the auspices of the General Company for Fairs and Iraqi Trade Services, on the grounds of the Basra International Fair, with the participation of (100) local and international companies from Egypt, India, Tajikistan, Morocco, Jordan and Iran.
As indicated to the Al-Kafeel Network, by the director of the company Mr. Bahaa Hamid Saudi: “It is one of the many participations of the Noor al-Kafeel Company in this kind of fairs. This participation is the first after the resumption of such activities and commercial events. The company’s pavilion included a presentation of our food products of red and white meat, and other products such as rice, oils, legumes and tomato paste, in addition to sterilization and cleaning products and other materials, which are characterized by their high quality and conformity to international quality and health standards, and subject to the Iraqi standardization and control. Thus, the pavilion was a meeting point for the visitors of the exhibition from Iraqi families as well as representatives of participating companies. "
He added: "Al-Kafeel's products pavilion was an introductory link to the activities and achievements of the company, by producing the products that have become the favorite of the Iraqi family within the Iraqi market. Many visitors have expressed their great admiration for the company's products and their importance in filling part of the citizens' need."
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