Within the expansion project of the El-Abbas holy shrine, Iraqi architectural personnel finish the 14th part of the project

Front view of the achieved part

Ardhul Quds Construction Company, and with the supervision of the Architectural Project Department of the El-Abbas holy shrine has completely finished the fourteenth part of a sub-project.

The authorized director of Ardhul Quds Construction Company Engineer Mejeed Hemeed, stated that the 14th part of a sub-project had been completely achieved, and 78% of the whole project had been achieved.

He mentioned that the whole project divided into parts in order to maintain a great traffic for the pilgrims. Based on the architectural calculation, the expansion project increased 10000 square meters to the holy shrine which would be used vertically as three stories 30 000 square meters.

This project considered as a great opportunity to treat a network system in order to drain the underground water.
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