Recommendations of the First Conference for the Mobilization [Hashd] of the Holy Shrines.

The first conference of the Holy Shrines' mobilization [Hashd] held under the slogan: (the Hashd of the Shrines, Incubator of Fatwa and State Builders), by the leaders of the Squad of Imam Ali (peace be upon him), the Brigade of Ali Akbar (peace be upon him), the al-Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad and the Ansar al-Marji'iyah Brigade, was concluded this Thursday afternoon (17 Rabi 'Thani 1442 AH) corresponding to (December 3, 2020) at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, with a set of recommendations and suggestions that the conferees concluded over the past three days.

These recommendations were delivered by the head of the Department of Information of the Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Abbas Maan, as follows:

First: In view of the recent security breaches and threatening the security of the country and the people, the brigades of the mobilization [Hashd] of the shrines that were, are and will remain the true defender and sure protector of the dear homeland and its honorable people, armed with the literal application of the fatwa and the directives of the supreme religious authority His Eminence Ali Al-Hussaini Al-Sistani, confirm that they are present vigorously to defend Iraq, the security of its people, and the glory of its sanctities, face to anyone who thinks about compromising its security and safety. This was proven by our forces previously in their battle with the ISIS enemy, and are confirmed in this conference.

Second: Preserving the achievements of the bold victory over ISIS is our first priority and ideal goal. What strengthens this victory and safeguards its gains is preserving the reputation of the jihad and the mujahideen, and keeping them away from everything that pollutes their orientations and distorts their path. This is what our forces sought during the liberation of the cities, where we witnessed the great interaction between our forces and the citizens, who were refusing that our forces leave their cities after fulfilling their duties, which resulted in strong relations and continuous communication at various levels.

Third: The mobilization [Hashd] of the holy shrines confirms its full commitment to the Iraqi law and constitution, and to prevent its fighters from taking any action that contradicts them, including engaging in political activity, partisan association, or employment exploitation in all its forms. We are also committed to giving our fighters complete freedom to make their own decisions to participate in the electoral process exclusively as voters and not as candidates, and to elect the candidates they believe will change the deteriorating reality, fight corruption and other people's aspirations, without interfering with their options or allowing the promotion, or calling for any candidate within our units. We will deal with all credibility and firmness with this important file.

Fourth: The mobilization [Hashd] of the holy shrines confirms that building the state and its future, in addition to preserving its bright history, begins with fighting corruption and holding its rotten heads accountable, among those who went too far in stealing the rights of the people, killing the aspirations of their youth, and depriving competencies from taking their natural positions to build the nation and serve the citizen. The responsible in the executive positions should be aware of the seriousness of the stage and the aspirations of their people, putting into practice the advice of the Supreme Authority.

Fifthly: The mobilization [Hashd] of the holy shrines that was associated with the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, according to the Diwan order issued by the former Prime Minister, expects the government to complete the steps of this connection urgently so that it can perform its patriotic duty that it seeks and aspires to achieve. Delaying this will directly affect on the performance of the fighters in the field, and the humanitarian projects presented by this mobilization [Hashd], in addition to other problems.

Sixth: We call on the concerned parties in Parliament and the government to pay attention to the issue of administrative stability for the people of the mobilization [Hashd], whose job grades have not yet been settled, as well as to return those with canceled contracts and equalize their rights and privileges with their peers in the other security forces, which is the least duty towards their sacrifices and efforts.

Seventh: We also call on the concerned authorities to implement the judicial instructions to enable the fighters to choose freely where to receive their salaries, and not to force them to a specific party, as is the case now, which exacerbates the opportunities for competition between banks and companies to provide them with the best privileges. This request has been sent to the competent authorities, and the answer has not yet arrived, unfortunately.

Eighth: The families of the martyrs, our wounded heroes, and the fighters have the right to live in decent homes provided by the state, through its many resources and approved initiatives, while preserving the integrity of official procedures and the speed of their implementation.

May God protect our dear country, its honorable people, our supreme authority and our brave fighters. Mercy be upon the righteous martyrs, and a speedy recovery for our heroic wounded, and may God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.
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