The conclusion of the fifty-first session of tactical care of fight casualties.

The Al-Kafeel Academy for Training and Medical Aid concluded its fifty-first session for tactical care of fight casualties. The session was entitled the course of (The Mother of Her Father [Lady az-Zahra], peace be upon her).

A group of security forces participated in this course, which is part of a series of courses supervised and implemented by the Academy, in order to contribute to the acquisition first aid skills by the military medic as well as the fighter, to enable them to deal with any emergency in a way that contributes to reducing the loss of life.

The director of the academy, Mr. Mustafa Al-Ghalibi, told Al-Kafeel Network: “The course has theoretical and practical axes. The trainees were given lectures about the principles of emergency intervention, the first aid method, care of severe bleeding and breathing difficulties, blood circulation care, hypothermia and head injuries care. And then all of this was implemented on the ground on the practical axis of the course. The lectures were delivered by lecturers from the Academy with experience in these subjects."

It is noteworthy that the Al-Kafeel Academy for Training and Medical Aid has graduated dozens of trainees from all types of security forces, who have received courses about the best methods of how to aid each other on the battlefield, in addition to granting its trainees a certificate approved by the European Security Academy, because the academy is internationally accredited by the European Security Academy (ESA).
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