The al-Ameed University entered the global Green Metric ranking.

Al-Ameed University affiliated with the Education and Higher Education Authority at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine entered the Global Green Metric ranking for sustainability for the year 2020, ranking (770) worldwide and (29) among government and private colleges and universities at the level of Iraq.

The government program of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has drawn the entry of Iraqi universities into the global rankings as a goal and indicator of the quality of higher education in Iraq.

Based on this goal, the al-Ameed University has begun to prepare for the entry requirements into these classifications, including Green Metric classification.

The President of the al-Ameed University; Prof. Dr. Muayyad Emran Al-Ghazali, stated to the al-Kafeel Network, saying: “The al-Ameed University relied on implementing the Ministry’s plans to enter the global rankings in a record time. And we were able to enter this Green Metrics classification within 61 private and governmental Iraqi universities."

Al-Ghazali affirmed: “The University developed strategic plans to enter the global classifications, and it was imperative to focus on strengthening the role of scientific research to meet the conditions of entering to each of those classifications. And based on this matter, a special committee was formed to undertake the tasks' distribution that would meet the requirements of entering to those classifications."

To view the classification and the university ranking,please click here.

Green Metric is an initiative of the University of Indonesia to rank international universities, and was launched in 2010 and it depends on six basic standards, which are related to the environment and sustainability within the campus in terms of infrastructure, efficiency in energy use and reducing Greenhouse gas emissions, extent of application of the principles of integrated solid and liquid waste management, transportation and level of the educational process.

More than ten thousand academic institutions from 76 countries are evaluated annually according to the green universities classification, and the final index of the evaluation that includes the most superior universities is published on the website of this global classification.
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