The Manuscript Imaging and Indexing Center undertakes the digitization of the microfilm tapes kept in the Central Library of the University of Baghdad.

The Center for Manuscript Imaging and Indexing, affiliated to the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department, has started the work of digitizing the microfilm tapes kept in the Central Library of the Baghdad University.

This comes within the agreement between the Center and the Central Library at the University of Baghdad, which provides for receiving and converting the library's microfilm tapes into digital format by using modern devices for microfilm conversion.

Regarding these works, the director of the aforementioned center, Mr Salah Al-Sarraj, explained to Al-Kafeel network, saying: “It was agreed to receive and convert the microfilm tapes of the Central Library of the University of Baghdad into digital form, using modern devices in our center under the supervision of a specialized team in the center's photography department. "

He added, "These films are the fruit of cooperation between the University of Baghdad and the UNESCO in 1968, when the precious manuscripts in some public and private libraries in Baghdad, Basra, Mosul and Najaf, and which number exceeded (1500) manuscripts, were photographed."

Al-Sarraj added, "The aim of this agreement is to meet the requirements of the development in digital technology, as well as to facilitate the task of reviewing and reading manuscripts for researchers and investigators, as it is very difficult to read in its first state."

He explained: "The center will keep copies of the manuscripts that will be indexed after the digitization work, as these are rare manuscripts that enhance our photographed archive."

It should be noted that the Center for Manuscript Imaging and Indexing of the Library Division of the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department has the responsibility to photograph, index, archive and prepare manuscripts for investigators and researchers. And the aforementioned center has photographed many Arab and Islamic manuscripts from various cities in Iraq and the Islamic world.
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