The International Geneva Call Organization praises the humanitarian efforts of the Al-Abbas Squad and agrees with it to establish international humanitarian law workshops.

The al-Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad, the 26th Popular Mobilization Brigade, agreed with the International Geneva Call Organization to hold joint workshops on international humanitarian law, to promote its concepts and work to consolidate them.

This agreement was made during a visit by the organization’s advisor, Mr. Muwaffaq Al-Khafaji, to the headquarters of the Squad in the Karbala governorate, where he met with its leader Maytham Al-Zaidi.

Al-Khafaji praised the humanitarian effort made by the Squad during the liberation battles, especially in protecting the displaced, securing safe passages for them, and providing the necessary food and medical support. In addition to the efforts in confronting the Corona pandemic through disinfection work, distributing emergency materials, spreading awareness and education on preventing coronavirus infection.

At the conclusion of this meeting, Al-Khafaji said: “Today we had a fruitful meeting with the Squad leadership, as we discussed the prospects for joint cooperation in terms of promoting and disseminating concepts of international humanitarian law, with regard to the protection of civilians and private and public property, and draw the attention to the issues of the displaced and the humanitarian work and activities that accompany military operations."

He pointed out: "We have agreed with the Squad to hold ​​international humanitarian law workshops, by the help of international trainers and experts."
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