Free and discounted services provided by Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital.

Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced that it has provided free medical and treatment services for more than (8) billion dinars within five years only, and it is still continuing with this service that is provided to different groups and segments, based on its duty and its humanitarian responsibility in supporting them in these critical conditions.
The director of the hospital, Dr. Jassim Al-Ibrahimi, said: “These services have benefited people from inside and outside the holy Karbala governorate, which are:
- The security forces, the Popular Mobilization Forces and their families.
- The poor, the needy and the destitute.
- The injured in the reform demonstrations that began in 2019.
- Low-income people.
- Orphans and their families.
- Other categories were given discount at certain rates."
He explained: “The medical services, including surgical operations of all specialties and degrees were conducted either inside the hospital, or outside by the team (doctors without pay). The cases received by the hospital were in coordination with the agents of the Supreme Religious Authority or humanitarian institutions, or by directly visiting the hospital, as well as cases that we receive through the media and social media. "
In the same context, the head of the operations department at the hospital, Dr. Usama Abdel-Hassan said: “The hospital’s role was important during the past years, in treating the wounded in the security forces and the popular mobilization, as well as other groups. And we contributed in saving many wounded, injured of patients whose cases were complicated and thus their treatment was impossible in Iraq, the operations were carried out by local, expatriate, Arab and foreign doctors in the specializations of the general nervous system, fractures, general and cosmetic surgery and other specialties, and modern and sophisticated techniques were used in them."
Stressing: “The hospital has modern operating theaters of the type (Uber One) that have helped surgeons to achieve remarkable successes. These rooms work according to the International Quality System (ISO). Many operations have been performed in them with modern methods and different techniques such as endoscopy and microscopy.
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