Al-Abbas Squad proposes the establishment of an independent international court to determine the negligent parties in armed conflicts and wars.

Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad (Brigade / 26 Popular Mobilization) proposed the establishment of an independent, impartial international court with legal authority and endorsed by the United Nations, to identify the negligent in all armed conflicts and wars between any two parties, whether at the local or international level, and looking for ways to rescue those affected by these wars. The most important thing is to determine the causes of these wars and to set conditions and penalties to limit the origin of the conflict, and this is considered an achievement of humanity's right and principles.
A lecture given by the Squad’s leader, Maytham Al-Zaidi, in the online workshop organized by the Red Cross, with local and international participation by heads and representatives of the organization’s regional offices.
Al-Zaidi also discussed other topics, the most important of which are:
- Clerics in general and the religious establishment stress the need for human value not to be absent, in all our lives, dealings and situations of life, even in wars and conflicts, and to urge respect for medical personnel and to deal with them humanely, as we have seen that human effort, whether in our battle against ISIS or in the other world's battle against the Corona pandemic.
- The Holy Qur’an has indicated the importance of reviving the soul. Its revival is undertaken by the medical staff and their role in this field is very important, and it must be preserved and not be a negative party in the conflict because it provides a health service. It must be dealt with in a humane manner.
- The commandments of the supreme religious authority, Sayed Ali al-Sistani concerning the war and the protection of citizens and money, is a humanitarian document that contains great human meanings, which need larger study in the different forums, as it focuses on saving people's lives and their money in the hardest situations and circumstances.
- The necessity to impose heavy fines on the perpetrators of conflict, which we saw during the war on ISIS, which was receiving support from other parties that enabled it to conduct battles in many regions, which indicates that alone it cannot manage the file of operations without the support of another party. Therefore, it should be subject to penalties, and restrictions and fines must be put in place to reduce this feeding.
Al-Zaidi also suggested in his lecture that there should be central funding to the International Committee of the Red Cross in the form of fixed funding in the United Nations, because the current funding does not rise to the tasks and services provided by the committee, and the World Bank is responsible for following up the funding to support it.
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