The College of Nursing at Al-Ameed University holds a training course for nursing staff at Al-Kafeel Hospital.

The College of Nursing at Al-Ameed University affiliated with the Education and Higher Education Authority at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine organized a training course for the nursing staff working in Al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital, in order to activate cooperation frameworks and joint work between the two sides in a way that contributes to the exchange of experiences and advancement in the development of nursing skills of the nurses working in the hospital, so they provide distinguished and advanced services to the patients.

The Dean of the College of Nursing at the university; Prof. Diaa Karim Al-Bayati, explained to the al-Kafeel Network: “The course falls within the community service program provided by the al-Ameed University in general and the College of Nursing in particular, in implementation of its scientific and humanitarian mission, including the holding of courses, such as this course that targeted a group of nursing staff in Al-Kafeel Hospital, as this hospital seeks to improve the level of its nursing staff."

Indicating: “The course was given during (150) hours, which were divided into two theoretical and practical lectures provided by the teachers of the College.”
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