The Women's Library expands its work with academic institutions.

The Umm al-Baneen (peace be upon her) women’s library affiliated to the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has expanded the scope of its work and joint cooperation with cultural and academic institutions. The Department of History in the College of Basic Education / Al-Mustansiriya University took the initiative to be among these paths established by the library, in a way that serves both parties and contributes to the exchange and development of experiences between the two sides, through the establishment of a number of events and activities, such as courses, workshops, forums, seminars, and others, having the same aspect that aims to empower women culturally.
The librarian, Mrs. Asma Raad, explained to Al-Kafeel Network, saying: “The activities of the Women’s Library continue to have good echoes in the scientific and academic forum, making it a trustworthy institution, so that these activities get a wider space, especially in the framework of the common cultural work with many respected institutions, including the history department. "
She added, "We are constantly striving to ensure that our activities are at a level that ensures the assimilation of the amount of required cultural activities, which contribute to supporting scientific and academic institutions in a manner that ensures the continuity and prosperity of cultural work through the diversity and sustainability of the sources of support, through the workshops and seminars that we hold virtually through the ZOOM Cloud Meetings program, exhibitions and many events that are being presented electronically, as a result of the repercussions of the Corona pandemic. The history department in the College of Basic Education (Al-Mustansiriya University) will be one of our main partners after the fundamentalist approvals have been obtained."
It is noteworthy that the Umm al-Baneen (peace be upon her) women's library, despite the exceptional circumstances in which the country is living, and the consequent impediments to the completion of projects under natural conditions, yet it urges the use of digital mechanisms and modern technologies, in order to advance the tools of public and private culture, hoping that this crisis will unfold, life will return to its normal course, and activities and events return to their previous state.
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