A family receives from the Department of the Square between the Two Holy Shrine an amount of money and gold jewellery.

After seven months, the Lost and Found Division of the Department between the Two Holy Shrines in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine returned an amount of money and gold jewellery that a family lost seven months ago after they lost hope in finding them.

The head of the Department between the Two Holy Shrines, Sayed. Nafe' Al-Mousawi, explained to the Kafeel network, saying: “The department provides a set of services for visitors intending to visit the shrines of Imam al-Hussayn and his brother Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), harnessing all its efforts for this purpose in order to provide safe environment that contribute to the performance of Ziyarat and prayer rituals with ease. Among those services is the preservation of the visitors ’property, and the department allocated a division to follow up on this matter and was able to return many of the possessions to the visitors, including what was returned recently, as an amount of 7 million and 720 thousand dinars in addition to 406 grams of gold, were returned to their owner after the exact specifications of the lost items were given."

Al-Mousawi added: "This case is not the first, as we were able to return many of the visitors' possessions (identification cards - sums of money - gold jewellery - phones - identification papers), which had been received by the Lost and Found Department through the department's employees or from the visitors who found them. "

He concluded: "Any visitor who has lost something can call the number (+964 7711644460) to inquire about any lost items."

The owner of the lost items, Haj Mohammad Nuri, expressed his great thanks to the department’s employees for this noble humanitarian gesture, indicating that he had lost hope in finding them, especially that he did not know where he lost them seven months ago, which made it difficult for him and made him lose hope of finding them, but thank God, all gold jewellery pieces were returned.

It is noteworthy that the Department of the area between the Two Holy Shrines receives hundreds of visitors daily, and this number increases during the days of special Ziyarat. And because of the large numbers of visitors, it is natural that there are missing items. Therefore, the aforementioned division took the responsibility to receive the lost and found items and work to collect them and classify them in a special database, and once their owners are identified, they are handed over to them. During the division's work period many lost items, which are often valuable lost, were returned.
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