Organizing a workshop on social media and its role in raising awareness.

The Department of Development and Sustainable Development at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine organized an educational workshop on social media sites and their role in developing awareness, in which a group of employees of the Holy Shrine’s departments participated in it.
This workshop is part of a series of workshops organized by the department and within its curriculum designed for this purpose and aimed at advancing the level of the employees, especially as these sites have become a new media and social phenomenon that imposes itself on our reality, and has both a positive impact that brings benefits and negative effects that harm the individual or society.
The workshop included a set of points related to how to deal with social networking sites, and to know the appropriate behavior for using technology away from vulgarity.
The lecturer, Bashar Twij, said: “The workshop was entitled: (Developing awareness of methods of using social networks) for a group of the employees of the Holy Shrine, as this workshop aims to teach various skills and information on the use of social media."
Pointing out: “The workshop dealt with how to deal with correct and misleading information, and to ensure the correctness of what is published in what is known as (understanding artificial intelligence on the platforms) or what is known as algorithm and how to deal with publishers, as well as knowledge of user behavior on Facebook through time, clicks and words used, and finally take advantage of multiple social media. "
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