Completion of the outer clinics' building project for students of the Faculty of Dentistry at Al-Ameed University.

The Department of Engineering Maintenance and Construction at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has announced that its staff has completed all the works related to the outer clinics' building project for students of the College of Dentistry at the University of Al-Ameed, located in the Sa'adiyya district in the Karbala governorate. The project was built within the specified technical and academic specifications that are compatible with the purpose for which it was established, to be an exemplary training center that complements the practical part for college students.
The engineer and supervisor of the project, Karrar Barihi from the aforementioned department, added, "Our staff working in this project have done their best to implement it according to the plans and specifications specified for it. It has been provided with the latest electrical, cameras, alarms, communications and cooling systems, as well as using the best materials, whether used in its construction or in the finishing works. And it is now ready for the installation of devices and equipment to be ready to receive students for the current academic year in addition to the patients."
He explained that the building has an area of ​​(420) square meters and consists of four floors (ground floor with three other floors). The ground floor includes three management rooms and a hall to receive visitors, in addition to three rooms for radiation. As for the other three floors, each floor consists of two halls and clinics, each clinic has the capacity for (28) trainees according to a special area for each one of them, in addition to bathrooms and other service rooms. As soon as the building was completed, we began working on the infrastructure and cladding the roads leading to and surrounding it."
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