With (Phaco) technology: A seventy years old patient recovers her sight in Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital.

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital announced that it had successfully treated a seventy years old patient who lost sight due to white water filling her eyes [cataracts].
The ophthalmologist at the hospital, Dr. Salam Al-Gar'awi, said: "Our medical team succeeded in treating a 74-year-old woman, who was suffering from cataracts in her right eye, which made her lose her eyesight."
He added, "The woman's treatment was accomplished by withdrawing cataracts by using the Phaco technique or what is known as emulsifying the ophthalmic lens, which is a surgical procedure to remove cataracts and replace the opaque lens with a healthy synthetic one."
Dr. Al-Gar'awi said: “This technique is distinguished by its need for a much smaller incision than the usual incision for traditional cataract removal surgeries, and its complications, side effects and recovery period are much less than traditional surgeries.”
Pointing out: "It has special advantages, the most important of which is treating problems related to the image, its size and clarity, improving side vision and perception of the depth of things, and because it is inside the eye, it does not need any special care unlike medical contact lenses."
Dr. Al-Gar'awi mentioned: "The patient returned to her home one hour after the operation, to practice her usual daily work while she was in good health."
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