The Administrative Empowerment Program reaches the stage of planning and human resource management skills.

The Administrative Empowerment Program, organized by the Department of Development and Sustainable Development and the Department of Education and Higher Education at the al-Abbas's (p)d Holy Shrine, for heads of departments, managers of companies in the Holy Shrine, has reached an important stage, which is the establishment of courses in planning skills and people management practices, which complement what preceded from courses previously given within this program and according to the curriculum prepared for it.

This is what was confirmed to the Kafeel Network, by Head of the Development and Sustainable Development Department, Dr. Mohammad Hassan Jaber, who added: “We started holding these courses for the target groups of department heads. We seek through them to provide a training service compatible with the training needs of the groups benefiting from this training program in accordance with quality standards, and the first of these courses were:

The first: Planning skills that will enable the trainee to prepare plans according to the scientific principles of their departments, introducing the concept of planning, identifying the steps of its stages, and using methods and means to prepare and complete the plans and organize information, to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of the planning process, and this course was presented by Dr. Maher Hamid.

The second: Practical practices in human resource management that will contribute to enabling the trainer to manage human resources affairs on sound scientific foundations, as it will address the importance of human resources as one of the elements that contribute to the success of the institution. The participants will be introduced to the latest global practices in human resource management and career development, and providing the participants with practical experience and scientific knowledge, to work in the field of human resources management in various business sectors. This course was presented by Dr. Riyadh Hussein Al-Morshedy."

It is noteworthy that the Administrative Empowerment Course is considered one of the most important courses organized for heads of departments and managers of companies in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, which has paid great attention to it and elected a group of trainers to implement the integrated training program that was prepared for it.
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