Treatment of the seventh nerve inflammation of a patient after suffering for 4 years.

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital announced its success in treating a patient suffering from inflammation of the seventh nerve, using regional anesthesia.
Pain medicine specialist and regional anesthesiologist Dr. Reda Al Kaabi said: "Our medical team has succeeded in treating a patient who has suffered for four years from inflammation of the seventh nerve, using regional anesthesia."
He added: "The inflammation affected the motor ability of the patient's own nerve transmission to the nerve, and this matter caused a lethargy in the muscles that supply the forehead area, and the muscle area around the eye, cheek and jaw from the left side of the face."
Al-Kaabi added, "This intervention is considered among the interventions of pain medicine and nerve stimulation," noting that "the patient's response to treatment was fast and good since the beginning of the injection, the intervention and the stimulation."
Regarding the Center for Pain Medicine and Neurostimulation in the hospital, Al-Kaabi explained: “The Pain Medicine and Nerve Stimulation Center at Al-Kafeel Hospital is one of the centers that the hospital has paid great attention to and has equipped it with all the advanced and modern technologies, to become comparable to what is found in hospitals in developed countries.”
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