Imam Hussein & El-Abbas holy shrines witness fiducial presence by a large number of people to pass the night of (Quran revelation) in prayer & supplication

A view of performing rituals in the El-Abbas holy
On a night of Remadan's month where spirituality pervaded the whole atmosphere, the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas holy shrines hav witnessed crowds of people attended to spend the El-Qedr (Quran revelation) Night praying, supplicating and seeking Allah's forgiveness. The Lady Zaineb sanctuary where the spirituality pervaded everything and reverence for Allah was truly felt.

It's been mentioned that there were many acts to do on the El-Qedr (Quran revelation) Night which is the twenty third of Remadan month narrated about by the Prophet Mohammed and his pure progeny. Some of the acts are offering prayers, supplications, reciting suras (chapters) of Noble Quran, in addition to perform salutation to Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).

The deputy Secretary-General of the Imam Hussein holy shrine Sayed Afdel Esh-Shami, has stated that the necessary preparations had been taken for receiving such a great deal of people.

Pilgrims and people from Kerbala and other provinces attended have extended their gratefulness for the preparations and services offered by the Imam Hussein holy shrine in terms of making people convenient.
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