With the endoscopy technique: implantation of a cruciate ligament in a twenty-year-old patient.

A medical team at the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine was able to implant a cruciate ligament to a twenty-year-old patient using the endoscopic technique.
Fracture and joint surgery and sports medicine specialist Dr. Haider Hashem said: “Our medical team has succeeded in implanting a cruciate ligament and repairing the meniscus, using the advanced endoscopy technique to a 27-year-old patient,” indicating that “the cartilage that was implanted is a tendon taken from the patient himself after cleaning and preparing it for the transplant. "
He added, "The patient was suffering from a complete cut in the cruciate ligament and a tear in the meniscus," explaining that "the method of fixing the tendon in the patient's knee was done using surgical sutures and staples that work to facilitate the patient's rehabilitation process."
Dr. Hashem pointed out that: "The operation was performed laparoscopically through a surgical incision that does not exceed (2 cm), so that the patient can stand on his feet after (5) hours of performing the operation, and then enter the medical rehabilitation stage."
Pointing out that: "Work in Al-Kafeel Hospital is always in the form of an integrated medical team, consisting of distinguished doctors and skilled nurses, and this matter serves the patient and the doctor by obtaining good results in a record time."
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