El-Abbas holy shrine establishes a factory for mineral water according to the best international qualities

One of the machines
Within the framework of attention paid to focus on offer better services to pilgrims, the El-Abbas holy shrine has established a factory for mineral water which is considered one of the important projects. Said, the head of the Architectural Project Department in of the El-Abbas holy shrine engineer Dya' Mejeed Es-Sa'igh.

He also mentioned that the project located on Babylon-Kerbala road represents a very significant step in terms of offering better services to pilgrims, and that's what the El-Abbas holy shrine always seeks.

He said further that the area of the project is 1000 square meters; produces the best quality of water based on the international qualities. Also, the project equipped with everything required to produce the best water.

It's been mentioned that the Department of Projects of the Imam Hussein holy shrine has been achieving many projects since the X-regime had been toppled.

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