Construction of the Guest House of the El-Abbas holy shrine still under way

the illustrative sketch of the project
The expert personnel of the El-Abbas holy shrine still achieving the project of constructing a Guest House for the El-Abbas holy shrine. Engineer Dya' Mejeed Es-Sa'igh, the head of the Architectural Project Department stated to Alkafeel Global Network.

He also mentioned that the implementing entity is Teba Kerbala and El-Huda construction companies had made extra efforts to get the work easily and perfectly done within the scheduled time.

He also mentioned that all the necessities had been prepared for the project which its diameter is 754 square meters, seven stories, and 18.2 high. He clarified that such an edifice is being made for the pilgrims whom attend to visit the El-Abbas holy shrine; which is considered one of the service projects. Also, it has been located close to the El-Abbas holy shrine in order to facilitate people's movement from the Guest House to the holy shrine.
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