The clinics of the College of Dentistry of Al-Ameed University started providing services to the patients free of charge.

The Administrative and Legal Assistant Professor Dr. Alaa Al-Mousawi at the al-Ameed university explained to the al-Kafeel Network, saying: “By the grace of God Almighty the building of outer dental clinics and its laboratories have been furnished and equipped with all medical equipment."

Adding: "Under the supervision of their professors, the Dentistry College’s students proceeded with their clinical training on patient models, by treating all kinds for teeth, through making fillings, extractions, cleaning, restoration and others, which are an important and essential part of the educational curriculum for students during their years of study at the college.

So that this building will be a special training center for college students, and provides services to its patients of all ages, free of charge."

It is to note that the building has an area of ​​(420) square meters and consists of four floors (ground floor with three other floors). The ground floor includes three management rooms and a hall to receive visitors, in addition to three rooms for radiation. As for the other three floors, each floor consists of two halls and clinics, each clinic has the capacity for (28) trainees according to a special area for each one of them, in addition to bathrooms and other service rooms.
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