Al-Kafeel Hospital doctors succeed in removing a tumor from the parotid gland of a seventy years-old patient.

A medical team at the Al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced that it had successfully removed a tumor from the parotid gland of a patient in her seventies.
A specialist in maxillofacial surgery at the hospital, Dr. Radwan Al-Ta'i, said: “Our medical team succeeded in removing a tumor from the parotid gland of a 70-year-old patient, and that the tumor was located on the facial nerve.”
Al-Ta'i added, "The tumor was surgically removed without causing any damage to the nerve through an opening in the side of the face in the neck on the main wrinkles of the face, to preserve the aesthetic and functional issue because it is a vital and effective component of the patient."
The facial and maxillofacial surgeon pointed out: "Al-Kafeel Hospital possesses distinguished doctors and anesthesiologists, in addition to its possession of modern technologies comparable to what is found in hospitals in developed countries, which contribute to the success of such surgeries."
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