Scientific research from the Center for Indexing and Information Systems published in a specialized refereed scientific journal

Within the distinguished achievements in the field of scientific research, two researchers from the Center for Indexing and Information Systems affiliated to the Library and Manuscript House of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine published a scientific paper in the second issue of the Syrian Journal of Information Science for the case of the Syrian Libraries and Documents Association, which is a peer-reviewed scientific journal issued by the Syrian Libraries Association twice a year. It is concerned with publishing theoretical and applied studies and research in the field of library and information science in Syria and the world. The journal is published in the Arabic language with the possibility of publishing in English and French.
The director of the aforementioned center, Mr. Hassanein Al-Mousawi, explained to the Al-Kafeel network, saying: “The research field of our center’s cadres is one of the fields that they pay as much attention to as they are concerned with the work assigned to them. This participation was the result of a research work that was practically applied in our center, and it was prepared by Mr Mohamad Abdul Razzaq Habib and Mr Ali Abd ar-Redha Rasul. Their research was titled (Authority control in the library and manuscript house of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and its role in building the authority file for Iraqi authors), and the participation was based on a request submitted by the editorial department of the journal.
He added: "The study aimed to explain the reasons for the library and the manuscripts house of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine to adopt the draft authority file for Iraqi authors, and to explain the problems that libraries faced and rendered them unable to create a unified list of Iraqi names, and then make it available through a website in addition to presenting and evaluating the Iraqi experience in launching a digital platform, by knowing what it provided in terms of characteristics and advantages related to the work contexts used in the technical procedures, to organize the knowledge, rules and adopted standards in preparing and organizing the records of the authority file system, search and retrieval processes, and the points and solutions it provides to solve problems, and the technical challenges that the indexers face, and their efforts are exhausted in formulating the names of the authors and headings of various topics."
He concluded: "The study presented its findings, the most prominent of which were:
1. Ease of obtaining a common name in libraries; by providing a unified list of names on a website.
2. The experience of the authority file for Iraqi authors is the first specialized local and Arab digital platform that enhances procedural work in the digital environment. It contributed to knowing the number of authors' publications and their locations in Iraqi libraries.
3. The project platform was characterized by flexibility; It provided the modification feature in the fields and indicators, and the subfields of the authority record of the authority file."
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