The representative of the United Nations in Karbala: We witnessed the magnificence of the organization and the accuracy of the work in the Al-Kafeel Museum.

The Al-Kafeel Museum of Valuables ​​and Manuscripts at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine launched the program (Friends of the Museum), which includes hosting personalities and delegations interested and specialized in museum work, in order to introduce its valuables, and among the personalities that visited the museum was the representative of the United Nations in the Karbala governorate, Dr. Ali Kamounah.

The head of the museum department, Mr. Sadiq Lazem Al-Zaidi, accompanied him in the tour of the museum exhibition hall and the store of collectibles and valuables, and gave him a brief explanation of each of the details, in addition to the museum's maintenance work and other works aimed at showing these holdings in the most beautiful way. In terms of maintenance, methods of storage, display, archiving, and documentation. Then discussions were held on how to advance the tourism reality and museum work in Karbala.

At the end of this tour, Dr. Kamounah expressed his happiness with this visit, and praised the efforts made to advance the museum's work, stating: “During this visit we saw the magnificence of the organization and the accuracy of the work, and dedication and sincerity was a prominent feature in the maintenance, restoration and display of the museum’s holdings in a technical and accurate manner. We wish them luck and success. "
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