Hussayni service processions continue to provide relief to the needy.

The Hussayni Rituals, Processions and Institutions Department of the two holy shrines announced that the Hussayni processions, which are part of its units and representations in the governorates, are still continuing to provide aid and assistance to the poor and needy families, who have been affected by the repercussions of the Corona epidemic and the difficult economic situation that these families are going through, in compliance with what the Supreme Religious Authority called for, to stand, help and support these families.

Inspired from the values for which Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) stand, and as a model for these processions; the procession of Khadem al-Khadem in Baghdad, is still continuing to provide its services to the needy families with many campaigns one after the other.

The sponsor of the procession; Haj Maytham Al-Bahadli, explained to the al-Kafeel Network, : “Our procession like most of the Hussayni processions, whether in Baghdad or the rest of the governorates, is continuing to serve our people and their families who are living in difficult economic conditions that affected their living conditions. The procession prepared (100) various food baskets of dry and fresh foods, In addition to clothes and electrical appliances, according to the needs of each of those families, who gave us the honor to accept this little gift from us."

In the same context, the head of the department, Haj Riad Ni'mah Al-Salman, said: “The Hussayni service processions have started an expanded campaign to provide relief to the poor and needy families since the spread of the Corona epidemic. Campaigns have been launched from the first moments of the issuance of the supreme religious authority’s call, as these processions are used to help, especially during crises that Iraq went through, the last of which was confronting ISIS terrorist gangs, so they had an effective role in achieving victory and liberating Iraqi lands."
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