Serving pilgrims of Imam Hussein & his brother Ebil-Fedil El-Abbas, (p.b.u.t), the El-Abbas holy shrine founds a full-service complex

Sketch of the project
After accomplishing a group of service projects for the pilgrims who come from all over the world, and especially those who come on foot, the El-Abbas holy shrine has founded a full-service complex on Baghdad-Kerbala road.

The chief engineer Mr. Diya, Mejeed Es-Sa'igh, in the El-Abbas holy shrine said that the complex is located approximately 6 kilometers from the downtown, and its diameter is 21.104 sqaure meters which has 20 buildings. he also mentioned that it would be equipped with all the necessary equipment such as food, water, accomodation, in addition to the medical requirements.

It has been mentioned that the El-Abbas holy shrine has been achieving tens of projects since the X-regime was toppelled and till this moment, as well as other small projects.
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