El-Abbas holy shrine founds a special center of Kerbala heritage

Kerbala holy city
The Department of Intellectual Affairs of the El-Abbas holy shrine has founded a center for the heritage of Kerbala city named (Kerbala Heritage Center). Such a center deals with the heritage of Kerbala city which has some of the best and the most ancient heritage in the world.

The head of the Kerbala Heritage Center is Dr. Ihsan El-Ghuraifi, said to Alkafeel Global Network that Kerbala Heritage Center would shed light upon everything ancient or priceless within the great heritage of Kerbala city that dates back to ancient centuries. It also protect such a history from getting lost or forgotten about.

He also mentioned that Kerbala city has been one of the world's greatest cities of an incomparable history and heritage by which many civilizations had been influenced. It has great landmarks that can never be found in the whole world such as the holy shrine of tomb of the Grandson of the greatest Prophet Mohammed (Peace & blessings of Allah be upon him & his pure family).

It's been mentioned that the purposes of founding such a center is for:

1. Protecting the heritage of Kerbala holy city.
2. Preparing such heritage for the researchers and archeologists to study in order to get to know more about it.
3. Recording the traits and arts of the Kerbalaian old people.
4. Linking the past generation with the new and coming generations in order to learn the best deeds of theirs.
5. Signifying the ancientness of the city from being one of the most ancient cities the world over.

All the ancient materials and landmarks would be classified into categories such as:

1. Ancient buildings, mesjids (mosques), Hussainyas (mosque look-alike), stores, and houses.
2. Written heritage such as scriptures, documents, and historical texts.
3. Verbal history, stories, meeting handicraftsmen, historians, and people with a great memory.
4. Antiquities descended such as currency, jewelry, pottery, weapons, and other farmer's materials.
5. Archeological sites, churches, palaces, inns, mounds.

He has also mentioned that the current activities of the center are:

1. Beginning of writing an education series about the El-Taf battle for the believer youth under the title of (A series of the El-Taf fountains for youths). The first handbook was written entitled with (Reasons of the revolution of Imam Hussein {p.b.u.h}). And the second handbook was written also entitled (El-Abbas (p.b.u.h) is the moon-faced one of Bani Hashim tribe).
2. Building a website for the Kerbala Heritage Center includes many information about the history of Kerbala holy city and its landmarks, in addition to its great and remarkable figures, scholars and tribes, provided with photos.
3. Beginning collecting old photos, documents, scriptures and valuables.
4. Beginning of collecting photos and documentary videos of the landmarks of Kerbala city.
5. Drawing the old stil lifes about Kerbala city according to the vision of what bedwan people describe and Easterners.
6. Preparing a library for all the books concerning Kerbala holy city.
7. Conducting interviews with those of great memories in order to record the old events and the landmarks of Kerbala city.
8. Publishing two magazines, the first one is academic concerning and subjected to the common stipulations of scientific research.
9. Publishing an encyclopedia including all the books published about Kerbala city in order to make it easy for the researches study whatever they seek.
10. Writing the bibliography of Kerbala city.

it's been mentioned that the center would be consisted of many departments and divisions to make a complete center with full services.

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