With a distinctive presence & participation, the El-Abbas holy shrine participates in the activities of the Es-Safeer Third Annual Cultural Festival

Opening Ceremony
Aug 13, 2013. The activities of the Es-Sefeer Third Festival have begun at Kufa mesjid (mosque). The festival has been attended by a great number of people from Iraq and other countries.

The head of the Shiite Endowment Office Saiiyed Salih El-Haidery, some officials, representatives of the holy shrines in Iraq, in addition to the El-Abbas holy shrine have attended the festival. There were many speeches delivered by such as the Secretariat-General of the Kufa masjid (mosque) and other Islamic and Arab delegations.

The head of the Department of Relations of Kufa masjid Mr. Jemal El-Kweati, said to the International Media Division of the Imam Hussein holy shrine that the festival held under the title of (FromMoslim Bin Aqeel{peace be upon him} to the Awaited Imam El-Mehdi (May Allah hasten his reappearance) history of an ambassadorship and future of Reappearance). He also mentioned that many people such as poets and Islamic scholars participated in the festival also.

He also mentioned that the purpose of holding such a festival is to deliver the true image of the day of the arrival of Moslim Bin Aqeel in Kufa city which was the day of the start of the revolution of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).
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