For the first time in Iraq, the El-Abbas holy shrine imports new types of ornamental plants

The Division of Agriculture of the Service Affair Department of the El-Abbas holy shrine has imported new types of ornamental plants to Iraq. It is the first project of its kind in Iraq in order to reproduce these new types. Said Kheleel Mehdi Mohammed, the head of the Service Affair Department.

he also mentioned that for making the environment looks nicer, and for enlarging the vegetation in Iraq, they imported new great types of ornamental plants which would contribute in delivering a better image for all people.

He added that some of the new type imported were (Flower hellish ), (Sorti Acacia), (Acacia fistula), (Acacia Flowers), and (Adenium). Also, a new type has been brought from France called Damask rose which is one of the rarest types of flowers. All these plants are evergreen and of various colors.

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