The Organ Transplant Center at Al-Kafeel Hospital continues to perform kidney transplants and has a 100% success rate

The Organ Transplant Center at Al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine continues to perform kidney transplantation operations, with a 100% success rate.

A specialist in organ transplantation, the expatriate Iraqi physician in USA, Dr. Asaad Abd Aoun said: “Our medical team conducted, within four years, 24 kidney transplant operations at the Organ Transplant Center at Al-Kafeel Hospital, with a 100% success rate,” indicating: “ Kidney transplant techniques in the hospital are modern and sophisticated, similar to what is found in USA, including the patient isolation room after the operation to protect him from complications, as a result of administering immunosuppressive drugs."

For his part, a consultant nephrologist at the hospital, Dr. Riyadh Al-Sa'egh, said: “Our center is accredited by the Iraqi Ministry of Health and the Arab Board for Medical Specializations, to train graduate students in the specialization of kidney diseases and transplantation for adults and children, as it has the specifications of its counterpart at CPMC Hospital in California, San Francisco. - The United States, and works in direct coordination with it, "noting that:" The center owns the equipment and techniques for laboratory analysis that are required for kidney transplantation. "

Dr. Al-Sa'egh added, "The isolation rooms for organ transplant patients are designed inside the operating theater in the hospital, and are equipped with cameras, screens, and technologies that enable the patient to communicate with his family outside the hall with sound and image," noting that: "Only the nurse and specialist doctor are allowed to enter that room upon examination and to give treatment to reduce contact with the patient after his immunity has been suppressed."

Dr. Assef Dhiab, a kidney disease practitioner at the hospital, confirmed: “It is preferable for Patients who suffer from a high kidney failure and who continue to have hemodialysis operations to have a kidney transplant,” explaining that: “Conducting this operation at al-Kafeel Hospital in Karbala saved the patients the effort and difficulties of traveling, and reduced the high financial costs if the operation was conducted outside the country."
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