Ninetieth anniversary date of Wahabi people's destruction

A view of mourning procession
Aug 16, 2013 is the anniversary of the trespassing of the Wahabi people against the Imams sanctuaries by destroying them completely, in which it is an aggressive sacrilege and violence to their holiness.

They sanctuaries used to include the tombs of the infallible Imams of the lineage of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him & his pure lineage), in addition to some tombs of the companions and wives of him also.

The El-Beqee' Area is a holy area which is considered as a piece of paradise as long as it includes the holy bodies of the Imams (peace be upon them).

The El-Abbas holy shrine has attached black cloths to the walls of the holy shrine as a sign of mourning and strongly condemning the Wahabi people's destruction of the Imams sanctuaries in the El-Beqee' land in Saudi Arabia.

Such a land is very holy, and adored by all the faithful Muslims all over the world, and the act of destroying them is a heinous sacrilege in which they violated the bodies of the lineage (grandsons) of the Prophet Mohammed (Blessings and peace be upon him and his pure lineage).

The employees of the two holy shrines expressed their deep sorrow over such a tragedy, and then marched from the El-Abbas holy shrine to the Imam Hussein holy shrine reiterating shouts about the imams destroyed sanctuaries. Also, they finished the rituals at the Imam Hussein holy shrine by holding a mourning session with claiming to reconstruct them.
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