The publication of the twelfth volume of the scientific magazine (Al-Bahir).

The al-Ameed International Center for Research and Studies of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has recently published the twelfth volume of the refereed scientific journal (Al-Bahir) specialized in natural and engineering sciences, and the volume included the twenty-third and twenty-fourth issues, carrying a group of research papers.

This volume - as indicated by the advisory and editorial bodies - came to complement the previous issues, as Al-Bahir magazine has consistently pursued its own approach, in being a pioneer in providing solid scientific research and aiming at advancing scientific research and developing its approaches to keep pace with the development movement in all scientific disciplines. These two issues were full of diverse research topics that included the specializations of architecture, analytical chemistry, space physics, astronomy, statistics, and mathematics.

The two bodies added: “This diversity of what was presented in this volume is an indication that Al-Bahir magazine attracts researchers in these scientific specializations and others. And there is no doubt that this diversity imposes new responsibilities on the editorial board of the magazine to meet the readers ’desires of all new and updated research.”

Concluding: "The achievement of the aspirations of researchers in reaching their research into widespread global databases in the world, will be a strong incentive to accelerate the stages of development and elevate the formulas of arbitration and publication to the levels that we aspire to reach."

To view this issue and the archive of the rest of the journal's issues, you can visit the magazine's website via the link
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