The staffs of the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad continue their sterilization campaigns in Babylon Governorate.

The staffs of the Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad continue the sterilization campaigns that they are carrying out in various governorates of Iraq, as they recently carried out a sterilization campaign in Babylon Governorate that included several health centers.

The central media of the Squad stated: “Our civil office in Babylon responded to the appeals received from the state's health and educational institutions, as a result of which we organized a sterilization campaign for a number of health centers and a number of schools, including each of the Ali bin Muhammad al-Samri Health Center, Abdullah bin Zaid al-Shahid Health Center and the al-Watan al-Mufadda mixed elementary school."

Adding: "This campaign comes in accordance with the directives of the Squad leadership to combat the Coronavirus epidemic, preserve the health of citizens and the dear students. This campaign will continue, God willing, until the threat of this epidemic within Babylon Governorate has passed

It is noteworthy that the Squad had formed crisis cells since the emergence of the novel Coronavirus epidemic, and launched numerous campaigns of sterilization, especially in areas with dense population, and it harnessed all its means in this regard, and also carried out a washroom in Karbala for washing, shrouding and burying the deceased due to Coronavirus.
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