Al-Ameed University forms mobile teams for sterilization as a precautionary measure.

Since the start of the new academic year, Al-Ameed University affiliated with the Education and Higher Education Commission at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has formed mobile teams that work on sterilizing all its facilities from colleges, internal departments and bathrooms, in addition to its administrative and service building, as a precautionary measure to limit the spread of Coronavirus. It took also a series of preventive measures in order to contribute to providing a safe and healthy environment for students and the teaching, administrative and service staff.
The University's Administrative Assistant, Dr. Alaa Al-Mousawi, explained to the al-Kafeel Network, saying: “This campaign reinforces a series of measures previously taken by the university presidency, aiming at preventing the spread of this virus in line with the directions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and its crisis cell.”
He added, "Sterilization is carried out periodically according to a specific schedule using with medically authorized materials, without affecting or interfering with the movement of students or causing harm to them. These the works are carried out under the supervision of a medical committee and carried out by a specialized team."
He concluded: "We have also worked to provide the principle of social distancing, the use of sterilizers and masks, and other things that help prevent this epidemic, in addition to continuous awareness and guidance campaigns."
It is noteworthy that within its plan to prevent this epidemic, Al-Ameed University has printed many educational publications and held seminars to introduce the virus and ways to spread and limit it, in addition to implementing all health and medical recommendations and guidelines issued by the relevant authorities.
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