Continuous success of gastric cutting and sleeve gastrectomy operations at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital.

A medical team at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital announced that it had achieved successes in cutting and sleeve gastrectomy operations for patients who suffer from obesity, while the hospital's modern technologies were considered an encouraging factor for these operations.

General surgery specialist Dr. Sabah Al-Husseini said: “Our work continues to perform gastric cutting and sleeve gastrectomy operations at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital, as we have achieved many successes in this for obese patients from various Iraqi provinces. Indicating that these operations require modern medical capabilities and techniques, especially endoscopy devices, which are available in the hospital, and this is an encouraging factor for us as specialist doctors.”

Al-Husseini added: “The procedure of cutting the stomach and changing its course with the laparoscopic technique is now approved in all advanced hospitals, and it greatly reduces the risks for the patient, and with it we no longer need to perform the surgical opening.”

Pointing out: "Obese patients are referred to doctors specialized in nutrition; to determine the need for this kind of surgeries, and our follow-up of these patients usually continues until after the operation."
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